Etowah Complicated Stamped

from David Anderson's type description


Etowah Complicated Stamped (primarily variations on the nested diamond motif) occurs commonly in the upper Savannah River where it is attributed to the (AD 1200) and Beaverdam (AD 1200-1 phases. The incidence of Etowah Complicated Stamped declines appreciably during the Beaverdam phase, although a later occurrence is likely. Nested or cross diamond motifs, traditionally associated with Etowah components in the South Appalachian area, have recently been found to encompass a much broader temporal range. The nested diamond motif continues to occur in post-Etowah period assemblages in the middle Oconee drainage of Georgia (Smith 1 1: 83-1 84, At the Dyar Mound nested diamonds were reported as the most common motif throughout both the Early and Middle Mississippian Stillhouse and phases, which roughly correspond to the Etowah/Early Savannah Beaverdam and late Savannah/early Lamar Rembert phases in the upper Savannah River area.  

Sorting Criteria

Paste characterized by fine sand and some (typically few) clear quartz inclusions from 0.5 to 2.0 mm in size.


Found throughout northern Georgia and across South Carolina, extending as far as the Town Creek site in North Carolina. Incidence decreases markedly with increasing distance to the east of the Savannah River.

Chronological Position

Early Mississippian - AD 1000 - 1200

Primary References

Wauchope (1948, 1950, 1966)