Napier Complicated Stamped

from David Anderson's type description


Napier ceramics were originally recognized during the excavations at Macon Plateau in the 1930s. Overlap with both earlier Swift Creek and later initial Mississippian Woodstock series ceramics has been documented at a number of sites (Wauchope 1966:60-63, 437-438), suggesting the series represents terminal Woodland occupations in the area. Napier ceramics are uncommon in the vicinity of the upper Savannah River basin Ferguson 1971:67; Garrow 1975:24; Keel 1976: 221; Rudolph 1986). 

Sorting Criteria

Narrow, well executed rectilinear complicated stamping and a typically dark gray to black color.


Extreme western Piedmont of South Carolina and the western mountains of North Carolina.

Chronological Position

Late Woodland period (ca. AD 650-850)


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