Oldtown Brushed


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(See Sorting Criteria for the Series) This surface treatment was produced by lightly scoring the smoothed clay surface with bundles of small twigs or straw. The direction of brushing tended to be either parallel to or perpendicular to the rim, though some sherds were brushed in various directions. One style of brushing was indicative of the Middle Saratown phase. This form of brushing consists of brushed bands oriented perpendicular to the rim. These brush marks begin just below the lip and continue down the vessel to the lower portion of the body. These brushed bands alternate with smoothed areas.


This type has only been identified at Upper Saratown.

Chronological Position

AD 1620 -1670. Brushing occurs in Middle Saratown phase components.


Wilson 1983; Ward and David 1993, 1996 (ms in part I)

(Type description: Jane Eastman)