Oldtown Plain


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Sorting Criteria

(See Sorting Criteria for the Series) Plain pottery has exterior surfaces that have been smoothed prior to drying. Most interior surfaces have also been smoothed. All vessel forms including jars, small conoidal cups, restricted bowl forms with incurvate or carinated rims and flat or rounded bases, and open, hemispherical bowls are represented in the Plain assemblage. A range of smoothing is present which varies from roughly smoothed to carefully smoothed.


This type has only been identified at Upper Saratown.

Chronological Position

AD 1450 -1710. Although Plain pottery was made throughout the Protohistoric and Historic periods in the Dan drainage, it was most common during the Middle and Late Saratown phases.

Primarv References

Wilson 1983; Ward and David 1993, 1996 (ms in part I)

(Type description: Jane Eastman)