Savannah Burnished Plain

from David Anderson's type description


The type Savannah Burnished Plain was originally defined by Caldwell and Waring based on materials recovered from a series of sites in and around the city of Savannah in County, Georgia. DePratter (1991: 96): has recently offered a slightly revised type description, based on his work with the WPA collections.

Sorting Criteria

Burnished exterior surfaces with smoothed or burnished interiors. Paste is characterized by appreciable fine sand and grit (0.5-2.0 mm).


Savannah Burnished Plain ceramics are found throughout the eastern Georgia Coastal Plain and Piedmont, and are also present in northwest Georgia where they are sometimes described as Wilbanks Caldwell and Waring Wauchope 1966, Sears 1950). The type is also fairly common in the southeastern Coastal Plain of South Carolina, along the Savannah River and in the Sea Island area, The ware (and all Mississippian types) are rare along minor drainages (Anderson 1975a, 1975b). The ware appears to be progressively uncommon to the northeast of the Savannah.

Chronological Pposition

Middle Mississippian period (AD 1200-AD 1400).

Primary References

Caldwell and Waring (1939a, 1939b); Caldwell and (1941); Waring 1968c; DePratter (1991:186).