Uwharrie Complicated Stamped


The same carved paddle was used to stamp both vessels. I have not been able to identify any other examples of this pottery type in other collections.

Sorting Criteria

Uwharrie Complicated Stamped sherds share paste, temper, and vessel form characteristics with other types of Uwharrie pottery. At least two Uwharrie Curvilinear Complicated Stamped restricted neck jars were recovered from features at the Upper Saratown locality. One jar had a long straight rim, while the other smaller vessel had an everted rim. Shallow notches on the lip of the larger stamped vessel was the only decoration present.

Chronological Position

Unknown, probably quite late in the series.


Only found at the Upper Saratown site.


Coe (1952:307-308, 1964:32-33); Howell and (1953); (1994, 1996 (ms in Part I))

(Type Description: Jane Eastman)