Uwharrie Simple Stamped

from Jane Eastman's Type Description


(See Background discussion for Uwharrie series) No other examples of Uwharrie Simple Stamped sherds are known from other Uwharrie assemblages.

Sorting Criteria

One partially reconstructed simple stamped jar was present in the assemblage from Fea. 22-Skl from the test trench excavation at Upper Saratown. This vessel was tempered with angular quartz and feldspar particles. The vessel form is similar to other Uwharrie series jars, except that the rim was folded. The exterior surface, including the rim fold, was lightly stamped with a paddle carved with parallel grooves about 2.5 mm wide, separated by 3 mm. The portion of the vessel below the shoulder was overstamped and possibly lightly brushed or scraped. This jar was undecorated.

Chronological Position



Only found at the Upper Saratown site.

Primary References

Coe (1952:307-308, 1964:32-33); Howell and (1953); (1 994, 1996 (ms in Part I))