Woodstock Complicated Stamped

from David Anderson's type description


The Mississippian sequence in the upper Savannah River was developed by Hally during the investigations in the Russell Reservoir (Anderson Anderson et al. 1986; Hally and Rudolph 1986). In the upper Savannah River initial Mississippian Woodstock components (ca. AD 900-1 100) are identified by the presence of Woodstock Complicated Stamped ceramics, which have been shown to be ancestral to Etowah in northwest Georgia (Sears 1958). Like the preceding Napier and Swift Creek series, Woodstock assemblages are infrequent in the upper Savannah River, and no sites with major components have been excavated.

Sorting Criteria

Barred oval complicated stamped motifs.


Western Piedmont of South Carolina along the upper Savannah River, rarely observed elsewhere in western North and South Carolina.

Chronological Position

Late Woodland / Initial Mississippian (AD 850- 1000).