Deptford Linear Check Stamped/Cord Marked

from David Anderson's type description


Sixty-six sherds from a single conoidal vessel with these finishes on it was found at (Brooks and Hanson The vessel was cord marked over its lower surface and linear check stamped on its upper surface; at the interface of these finishes both were present, with the cord marking placed over, and hence after, the linear check stamping.

Sorting Criteria

Design consisting of discrete areas of linear check stamping and cord impressions typically occupying different areas on the same vessel. May be confused with Deptford Linear Check Stamped and Deptford Cord Marked.


Rarely noted. The only reported examples are from 38BR495 in the central Savannah River valley (Brooks and Hanson 1988)

Chronological Position

Early and Middle Woodland periods (ca. 600BC- 500AD). The bold, parallel cord impressions couples with the small size of the linear checks suggests a date towards the latter end of this range.


Brooks and Hanson (1988); and Anderson (1990).