Wando Series

"Wando" is a name given to limestone or marl tempered pottery found in the Charleston Harbor drainage system. People were aware of it for years, but no one gave it a name until Adams and Trinkley identified the check stamped and cord marked types in 1993. Later fabric impressed, brushed, incised, punctate and simple stamped variants were identified (Poplin 2005). Interiors are occasionally shell scraped. Vessel walls are 6-8mm thick (thicker than Hamps Landing) and vessels include straight sided bowls and jars. Though decorations are comparable to Deptford / Wilmington, which he calls "Middle Woodland" he cites five carbon dates that range from 615-1140AD (intercept, calibrated by Poplin). He looked at over a hundred assemblages in the area, and found Wando associated with "Middle" and Late Woodland" assemblages regularly, but a seriation chart shows they tend to occur in the upper levels, above Deptford. He suggests that cord and fabric marked decorations occur early, and check and simple stamped later. He concludes that Wando ceramics were the product of a specific group. and that this is a local type. With only a single exception all ceramics identified as Wando have been found in the Charleston area. Comparisons are often made with the similarly tempered and decorated Hamps Landing type defined near Wilmington, but that ware is thought to be much earlier.