Wilmington Simple Stamped

from David Anderson's type description


Not previously defined. A few sherds of what was called Wilmington Simple Stamped by both Caldwell and McCann and DePratter have been reported at the Deptford burial mound near Savannah (DePratter 1991 :119-120). Additionally, DePratter (1991:175) illustrates a sherd of Walthour Simple Stamped. A single sherd of what appears to be a simple stamped, grog tempered ware was also recovered at Mattassee Lake that appears to belong to the Wilmington or possibly Refuge series. The stamp impressions are very faint, reflecting a fair amount of smoothing after stamping; it is possible that the finish may be due to a thong or even cord wrapped paddle. Small (1.0 mm) lumps of are present but infrequent in the paste, which is otherwise temperless. Claylgrog tempered simple stamped and cord-marked ceramics have been occasionally reported from elsewhere along the Santee.

Sorting criteria

Simple stamped exterior finish. The paste is characterized by crushed sherds or grog from 3 to 5 mm in maximum dimension, although larger inclusions up to 10.0 mm are sometimes noted.


Poorly documented. The type is an extreme minority at the mouth of the Savannah River, and is rarely noted in Wilmington assemblages on the southwestern South Carolina coast.

Chronological Position

Late Woodland period (ca. 500AD - 1000AD).

Primary References

Waring (1968: 220); DePratter (1991: 119-120, 175).