Yadkin Simple Stamped

from David Anderson's type description


Not previously defined, although Blanton et al. 89, 90) briefly describe the type, based on a large sample of sherds from in Sumter County, South Carolina. The temper in the sample was, with one exception where crushing was observed, subangular or unmodified quartz. A radiocarbon date of 380 BC +/- 80 (Blanton et al. 1986: 146-147) was obtained from a feature with both Yadkin Linear Check Stamped and Simple Stamped sherds (see also Background discussion for Yadkin Cord Marked).

Sorting Criteria

Cross-stamped longitudinal U-shaped grooves over the exterior vessel surface; occasionally lightly to extensively smoothed after stamping. Impressions typically narrow (about 2.0 mm), with a range of from ca. 1.0 to 4.0 mm.


Poorly documented. The ware, like other types in the Yadkin series, likely occurs in the inner Coastal Plain and lower Piedmont of North and South Carolina in the vicinity of the boundary between the two states, from roughly the Santee-Wateree to the Cape Fear rivers. The only large sample reported is from in Sumter County, South Carolina (Blanton et al. 1986: 70, 89-90).

Chronological Position

Early-Middle Woodland (ca. BC -AD 500)

Primary References

Blanton et al. (1986:70, 89,90).